How To Start Building Your Expert Bio and Press Kit (Speaker Edition)

When building out your press kit for your speaker opportunities, here are the things that we want you to pay attention to. Consider these tips as some “fill in the blanks”.

You need a bio that sells you as what type of speaker you are.

Are you a talent speaker, a story speaker, or an expert speaker?

When deciding if you’re going to hang your hat on this story or this talent or this expertise, you need to be certain that the component you choose to build off of is an example of the problem you solve and of your uniqueness.

It also needs to be highlighted in your speaker bio, which may not be relevant to your general bio (odd, but true!), but it needs to be the main focus of this one. That’s one of the main differences between a speaker bio and a general bio of your life’s work, but it’s important to note.

Then you need to position yourself as a speaker by including the companies that have hired you in the past.

What is the number of presentations you’ve completed? How many people have you spoken in front of? What cities, states or countries have you been hired to speak in? Highlight those in your bio.

Those are all things that really set you apart as being an expert on speaking and on your topic of choice. Those are the things that you have to showcase in a speaker bio, which may or may not include most of the elements from your general bio.

Moving on to a press kit, you’ll want to include the highlights from your speaker bio as well as anything pertinent from your general bio. You will need to ensure you are placing importance on what your primary uniqueness, problem you solve, and primary business model are.

In this video, I share an example of my own press kit for reference. You can see on this bio page that there is a headshot of me, a big headline (this is where you showcase what you want to be known as or for), and then your bio.

By going through our classes and programs, we will make this part of your life much easier. Knowing what information to utilize when, how to build out something professional that makes you look as expensive as you want to be, and how to get booked can be a pain (it’s a lot of work!).

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AJ Vaden is the Co-founder of Brand Builders Group, international speaker, million-dollar consultant and host of the Influential Personal Brand Podcast.