How do speakers get their message out into the world? They get booked.

There’s four different ways of getting booked. You can book yourself, you can work with an agent, you can work with the Bureau, or you can sign with a speaker management company.

Most people will start…

Whether you’re well-known, not well-known, a beginner, or you’ve been around for a long time, whether you’re expensive or not expensive yet, one thing is for certain. You’ve got to know who you are competing with, because that’s who you’re going to be doing business with.

And you’re going…

You cannot be all things to all people. And if you can’t find your expertise in one thing, you will remain somewhat anonymous, because there’s not enough focus in one area for anyone to talk about your message, or share it, or write about it.

You need focus. And…

AJ Vaden

AJ Vaden is the Co-founder of Brand Builders Group, international speaker, million-dollar consultant and host of the Influential Personal Brand Podcast.

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